Applicant-led Engagement: Findings

The applicant-led engagement process took place from January 4 to 27, 2021. Options for comment were provided through email, the comment feature on the applicant’s project website, and virtual meeting sessions. The engagement activities as well as a summary of questions and comments received can be found in the Applicant-led Engagement Summary (prepared by the applicant).

The feedback will be considered by the applicant as revisions are made to the project. In addition, the feedback has been received and reviewed by staff. This feedback is being compiled with other feedback submitted directly to the City. A summary of all the feedback received will be included in a staff report that will be submitted to Council prior to their consideration of whether or not to support the project.

What We Heard

City staff has summarized the feedback received during applicant-led consultation, with the primary comments expressed relating to the following:

  • The size and density of the development in relation to the surrounding neighbourhood context – Issues were raised about the overall size and height of the building as well as about shadowing impacts on adjacent properties.
  • The proposed location of the development within the city – Some residents questioned the appropriateness of this location for the proposed building as opposed to elsewhere in the city. Others expressed support for this location as an appropriate site for a multi-unit development, given the proximity to the high school and transit, and the walkable nature of the area.
  • Inconsistency with the Official Community Plan (OCP) – An OCP amendment is required to accommodate this form of development in this location. Questions were raised about the appropriateness of amending the OCP to accommodate this development. Some residents commented that OCP amendments should be considered if a substantial societal and community benefit, such as the affordable housing proposed in this application, is provided as a result.
  • Affordable housing in the community – Comments were made in support of this development which responds to the region’s housing crisis and a need to increase the amount of affordable housing in the city.
  • Reconciliation and inclusivity – Comments were made that this project is a step forward in terms of reconciliation and promoting inclusivity in the community, and that this development could benefit the community by providing multigenerational living and by promoting intercultural communities.
  • Parking – Issues were raised about the amount of parking proposed on site for the building’s residents and about potential impacts to on street parking.
  • Traffic impacts – Issues were raised related to increased traffic volumes in the area and in the back lane.
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Consultation has concluded

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