Over the past few months, the Hume Park project team has developed a set of park planning guiding principles from the input provided by stakeholders and the broader public through the first round of engagement (completed in April 2021) . Through Phase 1 of the engagement process there were approximately 100 respondents to the online survey and the results indicated a high degree of support for the park planning guiding principles that were developed to reflect the priorities of all park users.  For the full engagement summary report CLICK HERE.

    The guiding principles guiding the long-term vision of Hume Park are to: 

    1. Meet the needs of the Sapperton neighbourhood with a park that is accessible, supports diverse users and abilities, and continues to serve as the heart of the community.
    2. Protect and enhance the natural systems and biodiversity in Hume Park.
    3. Ensure a park that is flexible so the space we have can be used efficiently and adapt to changing needs.
    4. Maintain and enhance green connections that become places in themselves.


    Now that the guiding principles have been confirmed to be reflective of all park user priorities, the next step to developing the masterplan is to configure options that include the preferred programs, features, events and activities within the two distinct zones of the park.   Due to its topography,  limited size, large number of active and passive uses and ecologically sensitive features, the park presents a number of challenges and opportunities.  As a result, the options for the  Master plan will need to consider how best to accommodate all park uses in ways that are compatible and sustainable for the long-term.   

    To help develop these options, we invite the community to attend Virtual Open House #2 on Tuesday, June 22 at 6:30pmPlease register for the event at https://hume-park-oh2.eventbrite.ca and a meeting link will be emailed to you closer to the open house date. 

    For the purposes of developing the Master Plan, the park is being considered in two distinct zones, Upper Terrace / Lower Terrace and the Bluffs.  

    The event will begin with a presentation of the phase 1 engagement summary and overview of the park planning guiding principles followed by small group break-out rooms.  The small break-out rooms will engage participants in a facilitated “workshop” activity to discuss and provide feedback on preliminary options for the Master Plan that support the diverse range of activities and programming envisioned by the community.

    The open house presentation will be recorded and posted to the project webpage with an online survey and engagement tools that will be available after the open house. The feedback gathered from phase 2 will directly inform the next phase of the project, expected in fall/winter 2021, which will propose a final Master Plan option(s) for the park.

    We hope to see you at the Open House. Everyone is welcome!


    The Hume Park Master Plan will be a 20 year long-term vision developed through a collaborative, phased approach involving inventory and analysis, development of high level planning directions, preliminary concepts development, and development of the final concept plan for Hume Park.

    The Master Plan will serve as a roadmap to inform the City’s decisions for the next twenty years about long range capital projects as well as design and management decisions related to the important ecological assets and diverse recreational activities within Hume Park. Contextual components such as parking, multi-modal access, local and regional greenway connections and impacts to the surrounding neighbourhood will also be considered. 

    While the Master Plan will be an actionable plan for attaining a park that best serves the future needs/priorities of our community, it will also also a living document that will be revisited periodically to ensure relevance.

    An example of an existing master plan is the Queen's Park Master Plan, which has been guiding the Parks and Recreation Department's decision making in Queen's Park.


    The process to develop the Hume Park Master Plan will consist of three phases.

    Phase 1 – Inventory and Analysis

    In 2018, the Parks and Recreation Department engaged consultants to begin the master plan study by conducting inventory and analysis of the site. Phase 1 included:

    • Existing park conditions
    • Understanding the history of the park
    • Park programming and uses
    • Park’s relationship and connectivity to pedestrian, cycling, and transit routes
    • Natural environment of the Brunette River
    • Identify opportunities to enhance the riparian habitat of the Brunette River

    Phase 2 – Needs Assessment and Park Programming

    Phase 2 will apply the inventory and analysis to identify park needs and begin developing a program for the park with stakeholder and public engagement. Phase 2 is anticipated to last six months. It was begun in late 2019, paused in early 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restarted again in early 2021. Phase 2 will involve the following consultation and engagement opportunities:

    Invited Stakeholder Workshop

    Public Open House #1: Site Analysis, Programming and Needs

    Consultation with Mayor’s Task Force and Advisory Committee

    Phase 3 – Master Plan

    Based on Phase 2 feedback from stakeholders and the public, the park Master Plan will be developed in Phase 3. Phase 3 is anticipated to last six months and involve the following consultation and engagement opportunities:

    Invited Stakeholder Workshop

    Public Open House #2: Functional Programming and Schematic Designs

    Public Open House #3: Draft Master Plan 

    Consultation with Mayor’s (FIPRTF) Task Force and Advisory Committee

    Presentation of final Master Plan to Council for endorsement


    You can provide feedback by:

    Joining our virtual Public Open House events

    Taking our Online Surveys