Existing Conditions Report

The Existing Conditions Report provides an assessment of the current conditions of the Queensborough transportation network.

The report includes:

  • Community Profile – summary of existing land uses and existing and projected population of Queensborough
  • Travel Patterns and Mode Share – summary of trip characteristics such as travel destinations and by what transportation mode those trips are taken.
  • Assessment of Existing Conditions – summary of collision data, goods movement truck vehicle volumes, parking, Q to Q Ferry operations, and new mobility and emerging technologies.
  • Network Needs – provides an inventory of the existing walking, cycling, transit and road networks

Report Finding Highlights

  • Based on 2021 Census data, Queensborough-based commuters were less likely to commute to a workplace in New Westminster (16%) than resident commuters from other areas of New West (23%).
  • 38% of streets in Queensborough have pedestrian facilities on both sides (excluding highways under Provincial jurisdiction).
  • 59% of streets identified as Major Road Network, which provide intra-regional access including the movement of goods, have sidewalks on one or both sides.
  • 82% of collector streets, which collect traffic from local streets and provide access to streets with higher volume of vehicles (such as the Major Road Network), have sidewalks on one or both sides.
  • 58% of local streets, which primarily provide access to residential areas, have sidewalks on one or both sides.
  • There were 13% more collisions per capita in Queensborough than New Westminster as a whole.
  • There were 30% fewer collisions per capita with pedestrians in Queensborough than New Westminster as a whole.
  • Incomplete sidewalk and cycle path networks were the most commonly identified concerns for pedestrians and cyclists in Queensborough.
  • Low frequency of transit, crowded buses, and issues with unpredictable and uncompetitive travel times were the most frequently cited barriers to taking transit.
  • Traffic congestion and goods movement were the most commonly cited concerns for drivers in Queensborough.

Click here to access the full report.

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