Why weren’t we consulted before the City made changes to school zones?

    The former Neighbourhood Traffic Advisory Committee supported City staff improving traffic conditions at school zones throughout the city rather than taking a more traditional approach and doing major consultations school-by-school over a number of years. The traffic calming measures being implemented are consistent with what the committee had envisioned and were done with low-cost materials that can easily be changed.

    Why is the City installing temporary measures?

    The temporary measures are low-cost and provide the school community, neighbouring residents and businesses the opportunity to experience the proposed traffic calming measures and provide feedback prior to making permanent changes.


    Why are you installing speed humps at some schools and not others?

    Each school is uniquely situated and faces distinct traffic concerns. Some schools may be on a street that naturally deters motorists from driving fast, and some schools are on roads that are not appropriate for speed humps. Generally, only local roads that aren’t too steep and don’t have transit routes are considered for speed hump installation.

    Why are we only allowed 10 minutes in the school drop-off/pick-up zones?

    As part of the new measures, drop-off and pick-up zone wait times have been increased.  New signs have been installed to allow drivers to stop for up to 10 minutes in school drop-off/pick-up zones, whereas previously drivers only had 5 minutes. The limited stopping is to ensure many drivers can have a chance to safely pick-up and drop-off their student.

    Has the City considered introducing crossing guards at school zones as a traffic safety measure?

    School crossing guards are the responsibility of the School District and/or individual schools to establish. As crossing guards are typically hired by the School District, this is not something the City would put in place. If you are interested in having a crossing guard at your school zone, we suggest you contact your local school administration or Parent Advisory Council (PAC).

    Why not just increase enforcement to address speeders?

    Although enforcement could potentially improve compliance in the short term, the New Westminster Police have limited enforcement resources to deploy across the city. “Self-enforcing” measures, such as physical diverters and speed humps, are much more effective in the long term than limited enforcement. As we have in the past, Transportation staff will continue to work with New Westminster Police Department to identify enforcement needs throughout the city, including school zones, and particularly in areas that affect the safety of people walking and cycling.

    Why are you removing street parking spaces by installing these curb extensions?

    The curb extensions are not encroaching on allowed street parking areas. The City's Street and Traffic Bylaw, section 4.8.12, states that vehicles cannot be stopped or parked within six meters of the nearest intersection. The curb extensions have been installed within this six meter clearance zone.